To Meet Your Organizational Goals

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What we offer?

ENGAGE offers comprehensive human resource management consultancy solutions to help you manage, support, and build highly-engaged, high-performing people. Our experience, coupled with our leading-edge approaches and the capable hands of our experts, empowers us to provide reliable and actionable HR advice and ongoing support to private and public sector organizations of all sizes and across various industries. With ENGAGE, you get a personalized experience heavily focused on your industry demands, business objectives, and HR needs.


is struggling with specific challenges, ENGAGE swings into action, providing customized support that meets your unique business needs. However, if you aren’t sure how to get started, ENGAGE consulting professionals are ready and capable to take it from here. We take the time to understand your business and identify your HR and people-management challenges and priorities. What we do next is provide a full-fledge solution that builds and manages your entire HR infrastructure, from planning to execution, to drive real value and change to your business.

Whether building your HR function from scratch, revamping, or scaling your HR efforts, you don’t have to do it alone. ENGAGE is here to take the guesswork and put data, expertise, and targeted efforts behind your decisions, helping you build the culture you want.

  • Organizational Design

  • Job Profiles

  • Job Evaluation - Grading system

  • Recruitment and Selection Methodology

  • Performance Management System (KPIs/OKRs)

  • Competency Model

  • Employee Handbook

  • On-boarding program

  • Career Pathway

  • Succession Planning

  • TNA – Training Plan

  • HR Manual

  • HR Gap Analysis

  • HR Balanced Scorecard

  • HR Policies and Procedures

  • HR Audit

Project Deliverables

two people drawing on whiteboard
two people drawing on whiteboard

"The value of a consultant is measured by the quality of the advice, not the quantity of hours"