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ENGAGE offers a broad range of competency-based pre-employment, development, and leadership assessments and 360-degree evaluations for every industry, job, and seniority level. Forget traditional assessment. With ENGAGE being the business partner of the global leader in talent assessment, Talogy and Podium in the Middle East and Africa.

Our assessment solutions are both online and in-person, giving you the flexibility you need to get your assessments completed from anywhere. If you decide on in-person assessment, you can make the most of our customized activities that combine job-related simulations, game-based assessment, and more.

person in white shoes standing on gray concrete road
person in white shoes standing on gray concrete road

Strengths & Areas of improvement.

About Talogy

Established in 1946 and with 75 years of experience Talogy previously PSI, has been a leading company that offers online and face-to face assessment solutions. Talogy determination is to use assessments to help young adults enter the workforce after a period of world turmoil. Between psychology and technology, Talogy is an alloy of both. Psychology and technology combined to solve talent challenges.

Talogy has unified the leading talent experts, bringing together the best minds, skills, and technology. To connect with organizations and understand their challenges inside out. Talogy helps you discover your organizational brilliance through talent assessment, development, and consulting solutions

About Podium

A winning combination of science and technology

Podium consists of a team of international academics, workplace psychologists, and technologists who have come together to raise the standards and ethics of our industry. They have developed Podium to offer top-quality assessments that give organizations a deeper, more meaningful insight into their people while providing an assessment experience that showcases their corporate identity. Podium delivers an immersive assessment experience that is built around your organization’s DNA.

Podium’s assessments are built to give potential recruits a positive experience of your organization. They’re short and snappy, they look great and they’re all wrapped up in a package that lets people engage with your organization’s brand; learn about its culture; and explore their personal alignment with its core values.

ِAbout Persona Partnership

The Persona Partnership exercise bank contains over 60 well-proven assessment exercises to help assess people’s performance for both selection and development purposes.

The exercises are set in a variety of business contexts and at all levels, ranging from administrative to executive. They have been researched, developed and tested by experienced assessment practitioners.

Each exercise contains detailed Instructions for Participants, an Assessor Guide (including administration instructions and notes for assessors), an Assessor Rating Form and a participant Self Review.

The Assessor Rating Form is written against criteria taken from the generic Persona Partnership competency list. The rating form can be adapted for use with other competency frameworks.

Persona also design bespoke exercises, so if you don’t see what you need please talk to us about designing an exercise which is customised to your specific requirements.