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Employee Engagement

ENGAGE was one of the very first HR companies that responded to and stepped into employee engagement, helping transform workplaces into engaging environments where people are connected, aligned, and inspired.

If you aren’t sure of the root cause of your employee's disengagement or misalignment, no more guessing. ENGAGE expert teams start by digging deeper to investigate barriers to employee engagement. We use innovative tools and rich insights to gauge levels of engagement in your organization. Accordingly, we build a powerful strategy with an action plan around these barriers as well as the unique needs of your teams and organizations.

From interactive workshops to team-building activities and social networking, ENGAGE provides a range of employee engagement solutions that make sure your values are embedded into your strategy.

Our employee engagement solutions are designed to integrate employee engagement into the fiber of your organization, from onboarding throughout the employee lifecycle. This not only gives you the power to understand your people but also gives your people the chance to understand each other better and feel a much deeper commitment to work as ONE team.

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Engagement Survey

ENGAGE experts carefully design a structured employee engagement survey that fits your business objectives and priorities. Our experts, who combine years of experience designing numerous surveys across industries, build targeted survey questions to measure and assess your employees’ motivation, engagement, and satisfaction as well as to gain feedback and insights to identify what’s working well and what’s not (areas that could use some improvement). The survey is available in Arabic and English, for your convenience.

With ENGAGE, we make it super easy for you to implement the survey. We make it accessible for your employees through a link to an online portal, where they can log in to participate in the survey. After the survey, we collect feedback, analyze the data, and send an outcome report to you.

Request your own employee engagement survey today and schedule a meeting with one of our experts to answer any questions you might have.

person holding white Samsung Galaxy Tab
person holding white Samsung Galaxy Tab

Turn Rewards into Growth

Empuls by Xoxoday is a holistic employee engagement platform that enables organizations to connect with employees, align them with the organization’s shared values, motivate them, and reinforce positive behaviors to create a truly engaged work environment.

Empuls has been in the market since 2012 and offers the following services:

  • Connect and Align: Establish a single source of truth for company news, events, and policy changes with the Social Intranet.

  • Recognize and Reinforce: Encourage employees to appreciate each other’s great work through meaningful recognition.

  • Listen and Act: Gauge employee loyalty towards your organization and brand with candid feedback using Surveys.

  • Reward and Applaud: Hail exceptional performance with timely rewards redeemable from a global catalog with more than 20k options.

person using laptop computer
person using laptop computer

Team Bonding

Building A Bond ... Building A Community.

When you think about team bonding, we know you picture fun outings that are just... fun. They don’t add much to your organization. But with ENGAGE, it’s much more than just that.

ENGAGE provides exceptional team bonding solutions with a strategic approach to foster communication, collaboration, and commitment... and that are still fun. ENGAGE team bonding is informed by deep insights about your organization. It’s how we empower businesses to navigate real challenges that hinder the productivity of the team and the performance of the organization.

Our expertise, coupled with an in-depth understanding of your business, allows us to build customized team-bonding events and activities for large and small teams. Not only that, but we customize around your people, objectives, and culture to deliver team-bonding activities that are aligned and relevant. At ENGAGE, we have something for everyone.

But, we don’t just stop at strategies. Since team bonding is more than just a one-person job, ENGAGE teams do the job on your behalf. With a mix of outdoor and indoor events, ENGAGE organizes a range of exciting team-bonding experiences including team celebrations, company outings, team-building games, wellness activities, retreats, and more.

Our difference? For years, ENGAGE has done this for businesses across industries and with the most challenging environments, and we can do it for you too. Our solutions are proven to deliver more than just fun... to drive real change. With ENGAGE, you can expect your people to come together as one, getting to know and empathize with each other. We help your teams blend seamlessly and work in harmony for a healthy, well-functioning workplace.

brown foosball table closeup photography
brown foosball table closeup photography

About Jenz

Jenz is an internal social network that works like your mobile intranet and a company’s employee engagement app. It’s a Mobile app that deals with employee engagement, communication, and feedback. It transforms internal organizational communication and gives your company culture an additional boost with up to 78% more motivated and engaged employees! It helps reduce staff turnover, improves company culture, and strengthens the feeling of connectedness, which ultimately increases happiness, productivity, and profits. It has Official Stories, Social Stories, People Directory, Employee Feedback, Kudos & Recognition, and Anonymous Surveys.

Jenz can be customized to fit your needs! It is for everyone that wants to reduce staff turnover, improve company culture, and strengthen the feeling of connectedness, which ultimately increases happiness, productivity, and profits. Choose your plan and make the most of our solutions either separately or together.